Northwest Territories (NWT) State of Emergency

August, 17 2023


Starting September 11, 2023, ARI Western Arctic Research Centre will resume normal operations. Researchers may submit logistical requests starting today (September 6). Please click here to learn more.


On August 15, 2023, the GNWT declared a territory-wide state of emergency due to the ongoing wildfire crisis throughout the NWT.  The state of emergency was extended again until October 2, 2023. 

As a result, we request that all incoming and deployed research group(s) reconsider all field plans and research activities during this time. We strongly urge everyone to postpone or cancel any travel and research plans in the NWT until the situation stabilizes.

At this time, we will not be accepting any logistical requests and all logistical support including accommodations are suspended. ARI will not be providing logistics services for researchers during this time and will reevaluate future service delivery on August 29, 2023. 

For the most current updates on the fires, please check the following places.

NWT Alert

Follow the latest emergency alerts here:

NWT Wildfire