Speaker Series

About the Speaker SeriesTrevor Lantz presents at Thebacha campusTrevor Lantz presents at Thebacha campus

The Aurora College Speaker Series was developed to strengthen public awareness of research taking place in the north and to engage northerners in the dialogue. It also provides opportunities for northern youth to access research and researchers, and hopefully be inspired to become involved in northern research. 

Summer Speaker Series

The Summer Speakers series provides researchers and students who are spending summer field season in Inuvik the chance to present their work to the scientific community, visitors and community members. The 2018 series will be held every second Thursday during the summer months. Presentations will be held at the Aroura Research Institute throughout the year.

Check the ARI Facebook page for a listing of topics, dates, and times.

Scientific Speaker Series

Jean Polfus presents at Chidren First Society in InuvikJean Polfus presents at Chidren First Society in Inuvik

The Scientific Speaker series features three northern-themed scientific sessions: Health or Social Science; Natural or Physical Science; and Indigenous Knowledge. Speaker Series presentations are hosted at the Aurora College campuses (in Inuvik, Yellowknife and Fort Smith) and Community Learning Centres across the NWT. Funding for the Speaker Series is made possible thanks to generous support from Conoco Phillips. Stay tuned for a schedule of events.

Previous Speaker events

North Slave Science Showcase including talks by: Pertice Moffitt, Tammy Soanes-White, Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, Luke Ootes, Lyle Fabian, Rob McMahon, Petter Jacobsen and John B. Zoe. 

Donald Henderson on The Devonian Period
News coverage of the event: http://norj.ca/2014/10/alberta-researcher-displays-devonian-era-dinosaurs/ 

Tom Andrews and Leon Andrew on Shúhtagot’ine Mooseskin Boats
News coverage of the event: http://norj.ca/2014/03/moose-skin-boats-keep-tulitas-oral-history-alive/

Trevor Lantz and Doug Esagok on Community Mapping and Environmental Change in the Gwich'in and Inuvialuit Settlement Regions
News coverage of the event: http://norj.ca/2013/12/inuvialuit-gwichin-land-users-document-land-changes/

Chris Burn on Arctic Permafrost Research

Cecilia Zoe-Martin and Jim Martin on the Tłı̨chǫ Healing Wind Project

John England on Environmental Changes in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Jean Polfusand and Frederick Andrew on Community-Based Caribou Genetic Research in the Sahtú

News coverage of the event: http://www.nnsl.com/frames/newspapers/2015-11/nov26_15carH2.html