Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀̀ (pronounced Ha-goat-seh-ko) in the Tłı̨chǫ language, means campfire.  

Fire is important to Northern People; Fire is where people gather, share stories, seek warmth, cook food, and many other activities.  

Fire is where knowledge is shared!  


The Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀̀ Journal, a collaborative project including Aurora College, Hotıì ts'eeda and Dechinta, it is a space for Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars and artists to strengthen and share the Northern Peoples' relationship to land, culture, and ways of life through exchanging stories, research, philosophy, and art. 

Logo Design Contest

We have concluded the logo design contest. Aidan Cartwright, a teacher and resident of Yellowknife, with the collaboration of his wife Simone Tielesh, were the artists behind this design.

Here they describe the meaning behind their design:



The overlaid sticks represent the foundation of the fire, collaboration and cooperation between distinct entities with a common purpose. (LAND)

The two flames of the fire are representative of learners, scholars, youth, elders. The one with greater knowledge taking the place of the larger flame and the learner or student being the smaller one; at some point the smaller flame will then become the larger flame either through experience of context thus continuing the wonderful cycle and dynamic of learning and knowledge sharing. (CULTURE)

The expanding rings of light emanating from the fire of knowledge sharing are representative of what come from knowledge sharing - stories, research, philosophy and art (WAYS OF LIVING).

Mahsi cho and congratulations to Aidan and Simone!


Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ Journal Call for Submissions

Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ Journal invites scholars, artists, researchers, youth, community members, Elders, and Indigenous knowledge holders to submit original research papers, theoretical papers, artwork in any medium, book reviews, and community knowledge for publication in its inaugural issue. For its first issue, Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ is accepting submissions on the topic of Education in the North.



Name: Lois Edge
Institutional Affiliation: MacEwan University
Email address: loisedge@gmail.com 

Name: Sara Komarnisky
Institutional Affiliation: Aurora Research Institute
Email address: skomarnisky@auroracollege.nt.ca


About the Journal

Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ Journal opens and holds a space to exchange stories and unify Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars, knowledge holders, community members, and artists regardless of regional or disciplinary boundaries. This new, Northern-based, and open access journal publishes work in multiple genres on topics important to Northern peoples, and aims to share, strengthen, and celebrate Northern Indigenous peoples’ relationship to their land, languages, cultures, and ways of life.

Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ (pronounced Ha-goat-seh-ko) in the Tłı̨chǫ language, translates to having a campfire. Fire is important to Northern peoples; a campfire is where people gather, share stories, seek warmth, cook food, and many other activities. Like a campfire, the journal is a space to exchange information and bring together voices from across the North. To that end, the journal accepts submissions across regions, disciplines, languages, and genres.

Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ Journal is a collaborative project led by partners from Aurora College, Hotıì ts'eeda: NWT SPOR Support Unit, and Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning.

Call for Submissions: Education in the North

The inaugural issue of the Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ Journal will focus on the theme Education in the North. The Journal is seeking stories, research, art, and knowledge about education in the North and visions for its future.

Key themes for submissions include but are not limited to:

  1. Importance of campfire in transmitting knowledge in all official languages
  2. Northern, Indigenous ways of teaching and learning
  3. Educational innovations that support Indigenous relationships to land, languages, cultures, and ways of life
  4. History, impact, and experiences of learning and education, including residential schooling
  5. Contemporary student perspectives + experiences of learning and education
  6. The relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous world views in Northern education
  7. Opinions on changes to the formal education system
  8. Links to national or global trends in decolonization, reconciliation, and indigenization in education
  9. Visions for the future of education in the North

Prior to Submission: Abstract or Description of Proposed Work

An abstract or description of proposed work is required prior to submission. Please submit an abstract or description of proposed work with a maximum of 200 words before November 15, 2021, to xagotseehko@auroracollege.nt.ca.

Submission Information

  • Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀  Journal publishes work in any NWT official language.
  • Submissions will be accepted in any artistic, audio visual or written format that speaks to the theme and can be shared in a digital web-based forum. This may include but is not limited to: primary research articles, literature reviews, stories, biographies, interviews, book reviews, poetry, written or photo essays, audio/visual artwork, conference reports, and letters to the editor.
  • Collaborative and co-authored submissions between scholarly and community worlds are encouraged.
  • All submissions should include a cover letter that explains the relationship of the work submitted to the issue theme and the journal concept.
  • Authors can choose to submit their work to be peer reviewed. Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀ Journal is innovating an open and expanded peer review process that includes both scholarly and community review.  Audio/visual submissions are accepted in any media that can be displayed online. These submissions require an artist statement that explains the work.
  • All submissions must be made via Aurora Research Institute portal
  • Submission deadline: December 1, 2021.
  • Please refer to the author/submission guidelines for further details. If you have any further questions, please contact xagotseehko@auroracollege.nt.ca.

Contact Information

Xàgots’eèhk’ǫ̀  Journal

Email address: xagotseehko@auroracollege.nt.ca

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Aurora College and Hotıì ts’eeda plan to start new journal



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