Indigenous Calls to Action for Scientists

Indigenous Reconciliation and Research in Canada: A Path Forward

Reconciliation with Indigenous communities is a key aspect of research in Northern Canada. Our work in the Northwest Territories is grounded in respect and collaboration with these communities. We're pleased to offer resources to help researchers align their work with the principles of reconciliation, ensuring respectful and informed research practices in the NWT.

Building Relationships and Reconciliation in Research

In alignment with the spirit of reconciliation, we strongly recommend visiting the Communities and Research: Building Relationships and Reconciliation Toolkit developed by the NWT Association of Communities. This toolkit is an essential resource for researchers seeking to understand and implement respectful practices in their work with Indigenous communities. It encompasses a range of guidance materials, including the "Calls to Action to Research Scientists," a pivotal document that provides clear directives for researchers to align their work with reconciliation efforts​​.

10 Calls to Action to Research Scientists

In a landmark effort, a group of dedicated researchers and Indigenous leaders have outlined "10 Calls to Action to Natural Scientists," a profound and actionable guide to enable reconciliation through scientific work. These calls to action challenge the scientific community to adopt a new approach to natural science, one that inclusively and respectfully integrates Indigenous communities, rights, and knowledge. The calls emphasize the importance of understanding the socio-political landscape of research sites, co-producing knowledge with Indigenous peoples, respecting Indigenous rights and protocols in research, and fundamentally mainstreaming reconciliation in all scientific endeavours​​.

Our Commitment

Incorporating these resources on our website reflects our commitment to supporting reconciliation through research and education. We believe that by following these guidelines and principles, researchers can contribute significantly to the journey of reconciliation in Canada, creating more equitable, respectful, and fruitful collaborations with Indigenous communities.