Fee Schedule

Updated Fee Schedule Effective April 1, 2024

Starting April 1, 2024, Aurora Research Institute will update its fees for service and equipment rental, reflecting our commitment to maintaining high-quality research support amidst rising operational costs. We thank you for your understanding and continued partnership.

Please note that some services may not be available at each of the regional research centres. Please contact the appropriate facility to discuss your needs and arrange your logistics. 

RPAS Equipment

Arts & Crafts and Technology Manufacturing Centre

Fee Schedule (all prices in Canadian dollars)
Student and Postdoctoral Users(see Notes 1 & 2) Daily     Weekly  Monthly
Accommodations (per person) $58.50 $348 $1,316.25
Office / Lab Bench Space $58.50



Meeting Room $130 $773.50 $2,925
Laboratory Rental $195 $1160.25 $4387.50
Conference Room $325 $2513.87 $7,312.50
Other Canadian Users(see Notes 1 & 2) Daily Weekly Monthly

Accommodations (per person)

$84.50 $533 $2,155.40
Office / Lab Bench Space




Meeting Room $211.25 $1,023.75 $4,143.75
Laboratory Rental    $338 $1,638 $6,630
Conference Room $507 $2,457 $9,945
Non-Canadian Users(see Notes 1 & 2)  Daily Weekly Monthly
Accommodations (per person) $143.65 $734.50 $2,983.50
Office / Lab Bench Space $110.50 $734.50 $2,983.50
Meeting Room $195 $1,297.40 $5,265

Laboratory Rental  

$325 $2,161.90 $8,775
Conference Room $390 $3,026.40 $12,285
All Users(see Notes 1 & 2) Daily Weekly Monthly
Snowmobile(see Note 3) $162.50 $910 $2,925
Toboggans $32.50 $182 $585
Boat $78 $436.80 $1,404
Outboard Motor(see Note 3) $78



Boat with Outboard Motor(see Note 3) $156 $873.60 $2,808
225HP Harbercraft(see Note 3) $195 $1,092 $3,510
225HP Hewescraft with hardtop cabin(see Note 3) $390 $2,184 $7,020
Inflatable Boat $65 $364 $1,170
Snowmobile Trailer / Boat Trailer(see Note 3) $52 $291.20 $936
Canoe $13 $72.80 $234
Generator $32.50 $182 $585
Rifles / Shotguns(see Note 4) $13 $72.80 $234
General Field / Camping Equipment(see Note 5) $13


Auger Power Head $32.50 $182 $585
YSI Pro Plus Water Quality Sonde (see Note 6) $65 $364 $1170
Satellite Phone (see Note 7) $26 $146.50 $468
Proxima Projector $52 $291.20 $936
Winter Vehicle Plug-in Fee $19.50 $136.50 $585
Theoh 360 Camera $19.50    
Insta360 Pro Camera $65    
Technician Assistance (see Note 8) $552.50    
Call out Flat Rate (see Note 9) $260    
Lost Key Fee  $195    
Chemical Disposal Flat Rate (see Note 10) $650    
Row House Cleaning Flat Rate (see Note 11) $130    
Conference Room Cleaning Flat Rate (see Note 11) $325    
Warm Storage Flat Rate (see Note 12) $400    
Cancellation Fee (see Note 13) 1 full day/item    
Administration Fee (see Note 14) 10%    

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Equipment (see Note 15)

All RPAS rates include a Transport Canada Advanced Certified Pilot
Daily Monthly Annually
RPAS: Sensefly eBee X (RTK) $1,170    
RPAS: Sensefly eBee Plus (RTK) $1,105    
RPAS: DJI Matrice 30T $1,235    
RPAS: DJI Matrice 600 $1,300    
RPAS: DJI Inspire $780    
RPAS: Mavic 2 Pro $715    
RPAS: DJI Mini 2 $702    
RPAS Specialty Cameras Daily Monthly Annually
LiDAR $1,040    
Multispectral Camera (Parrott Sequoia for eBee Plus) $91    
Thermal Camera   (Sensefly Thermomapper for eBee Plus) $260    
DJI Zenmuse X3 $39    
DJI Zenmuse X5 $65    
GPS Equipment Daily Monthly Annually
Leica GS14 GNSS (1 rover, 1 base station) $117    
Bad Elf GPS Pro $26    
Others Geomatics Services Daily Monthly Annually
Dell Latitude Rugged Laptop $32.50    
RPAS and GPS Data Processing $780    
Arts & Crafts and Technology Manufacturing Centre Daily Monthly Annually
Membership Fees Hobbyist Monthly   $75  
Membership Fees Commercial   $150 $1,500
Film/Transparency Printing/Setup      
Prepared, Unburnt Screen      
Custom Colour Mixing      
Per-item, Per colour, Ink Cost      


  1. Accommodation, office and equipment rental discount rates are based on 7 days for the weekly amount and 30 days for the monthly amount. Rentals must be for consecutive days to qualify for the weekly and monthly rates.
  2. All equipment rental rates are based on the minimum daily rates only; damage or loss of equipment will incur additional costs.
  3. In order to rent snowmobiles, outboard motors, and boat/motor sets, users must have a valid operator’s license. Evidence of completion of a snowmobile safety course, or a Pleasure Craft Operator's Card, must be presented at the front desk before equipment will be signed out.
  4. In order to rent, handle or store firearms at WARC, users must have a valid Possession and Acquisition Licence. This must be presented at the front desk before firearms will be signed out.
  5. General field/camping equipment is any piece of equipment that is not motorized and is not listed separately on our equipment list.
  6. This YSI measures temperature, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Researchers are responsible for ensuring that the YSI is calibrated before heading out into the field.
  7. Satellite phone rental rates do not include airtime or usage fees. These fees will be billed to the user.
  8. Technicians are available to assist with your fieldwork at a rate of $552.50 per normal working day (7.5 hours total). Fieldwork in excess of 7.5 hours per working day will result in a charge to recover costs for overtime hours. Overtime hours also apply to field support on weekends and local/national holidays.
  9. A minimum flat rate call out fee of $200 will be charged for requests made outside of business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.), and for arrivals on evenings, weekends or holidays.
  10. No long term chemical storage is available at WARC. All chemicals are to be removed by the user, or they will be disposed of at the user’s expense ($500 per chemical regulated by the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act).
  11. If substantial cleaning of a row house is required after a group checks out, a flat cleaning rate of $150 per person will be charged. If substantial cleaning of the conference room is required after a group checks out, a flat cleaning rate of $250 will be charged.
  12. Long-term storage of materials and equipment is available at WARC via prior arrangement with the Manager. Warm storage in the WARC loading bay costs $400 per year.
  13. A cancellation fee of one-full day charge on each item in the fee schedule reserved will be applied for cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to booking.
  14.  A 10% administration fee is applied to recover costs for services performed by ARI for: 1) purchases that the agency makes on behalf of a third party, 2) shipping costs charged to ARI’s freight account and 3) brokerage fees. 
  15. All ARI’s RPAS equipment rental include a Transport Canada Advanced Certified Pilot who is an ARI employee, GPS systems (Leica GS14), RGB camera, flight planning, laptop or tablet, ground control station(s), relevant software, batteries, cables, and insurance. Please note due to insurance restrictions ARI do not rent its RPAS equipment without an ARI pilot.