Vice President, Research
Research Chair - Climate Change Adaptation
Manager, Applied Energy Research Programs
Executive Assistant
GIS Technician
Engineering & Technology Projects Technician
Finance Manager
Finance Officer
Research Communications Coordinator

Western Arctic Research Centre

Director, Western Arctic Research Centre
Special Projects Coordinator/Librarian
Manager, Western Arctic Research Centre Logistics and Facilities
ARI Outreach Coordinator
Permafrost Specialist
GIS Technician
Coordinator, Research Grants
Logistics Coordinator
STEM Outreach Technician


Administrative/ Communications Worker & Technician-in-training

North Slave Research Centre

Research Chair, Health and Community
Manager, North Slave Research Centre
Manager/Instructor, Health Research Programs
Outreach Coordinator, NSRC
Managing Editor of XÀGOTS’EÈHK’Ǫ̀ and Knowledge Translation Specialist
Manager: Makerspace Ecosystem

South Slave Research Centre

Manager / Instructor
Manager, Research Ethics & Regional Programs
SSRC Outreach Coordinator
ARI Outreach Coordinator - Intern

Research Associates

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta
Chancellor's Professor, Carleton University
Executive Director, Institute for Circumpolar Health Research
Research Associate
Independent Consultant
Senior Advisor, Tłįchǫ Government; Governing Council Chair, Hotii ts'eeda.
Organizational Development Advisor
Co-Founder & Executive Director of FOXY/SMASH
Associate Professor, University of Bergen
Territorial Archaeologist, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
Climate Change Archaeologist
Scientific Director, Hotii ts'eeda (NWT SPOR Support Unit)
Manager, On the Land Unit, Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Heritage Specialist