South Slave Research Centre

The South Slave Research Centre (SSRC) is situated at the Thebacha Campus of Aurora College in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, and has been a pillar of research since 1991. We actively engage in both contractual research and studies specifically requested by our community. For visiting researchers, the SSRC offers a comprehensive support system including office space, high-speed wireless internet, and access to the extensive Thebacha Campus Library.

Additionally, our fee structure for ARI support services is readily available on our logistics supports page. Beyond infrastructure, the centre is dedicated to fostering community connections, facilitating introductions to local government departments and organizations, aiding in the recruitment of local research assistants, and conducting STEM outreach initiatives within the community.

Excitingly, we have recently introduced a makerspace for both community members and staff/students. A makerspace is a collaborative workspace designed for creativity, learning, and prototyping. It's equipped with a variety of tools, materials, and technologies, ranging from a Glowforge to a heat press. This space not only provides the means for individuals to execute personal projects but also fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging community members to experiment, collaborate, and bring their ideas to fruition. At SSRC, our makerspace is a testament to our commitment to lifelong learning and community engagement.

To discover more about the latest happenings at the SSRC, explore our recent newsletters:

For more information on services or projects in the region, please visit the SSRC logistics page.

Boreal Berry Patch Collective

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