Strategic Plan

The Aurora Research Institute is pleased to announce the publication of its first strategic plan! 

Our strategic plan will govern the activities, growth, and evolution of ARI over the next decade, and will be used to guide our decision making and determine our institutional goals. It also includes a set of core principles that we feel exemplify ARI and the way we operate.

ARI began the process of developing a strategic plan in 2015. The planning process proceeded in four main phases, which took a calendar year to complete.

  1. The first phase included historical research on the institution and a full literature review.  A number of existing documents and reference materials were reviewed in order to better understand the history and current state of ARI. 
  2. A program review was conducted to obtain input from a wide range of stakeholders.
  3. A draft strategic plan was written.
  4. All stakeholders involved in the program review were provided the draft plan for their review and feedback.  Their input was incorporated into the final version of the ARI strategic plan.

The Aurora College Board of Governors approved the ARI strategic plan in October 2016, which will allow the ARI staff to implement its use in 2017.  We look forward to seeing where the next decade will take us, and thank all stakeholders for their input in this process!

Also, please note that Aurora College is currently in the midst of a college-wide strategic planning process that will conclude in late 2017. ARI is an active participant in this process and will look for opportunities to align with, and support, the College’s strategic plan. 

Aurora Research Institute Strategic Plan