Andréanne Robitaille

Manager/Instructor, Health Research Programs
North Slave Research Center (Yellowknife)


RN, BScN, MScN, PhD (c) at University of Montreal

Research statement:

My main research interests focus on collaboration and innovation in healthcare and social services in transitional contexts. I am particularly interested in settings and conditions where collaboration can present challenges, tensions, or pressures, such as end-of-life care, cancer care, and mental health care, because it is where, sometimes, innovation can emerge. I am specifically interested in the “work” of care in a day-to-day clinical practice, in the “how” humans deal with humans, often in situation of vulnerability, illness and disease, sometimes in the most intense moments of their lives. I view care as a process involving multiple relations, actors, knowledges, cultures, power differentials, within a political, sociological, and historical context.

In retrospect, maybe it is my clinical, educational, management experiences of the last 18 years, as a nurse, social scientist, and qualitative researcher that fuel my drive to improve quality of care for patients and their loved ones and to better understand how humans care (or not) for other humans. I love research and project management. Previously, I have had the privilege of working and learning with people and communities from Nunavik, Eeyou Istchee, James Bay and Lower North Shore. I was born and raised on the traditional territory Nionwentsïo of the Huron-Wendat Nation (St-Augustin de Desmaures). I am a guest on the land of the Yellowknife Dene First Nations People, Chief Drygeese Territory. My family and I arrived in August (2021). I am very much looking forward to listening, learning, thinking, working, and collaborating with you.

List of current projects:

End-of-life care at home and collaborations in the context of a pandemic

Collaborator on projects:

Collaboration between community pharmacist and nurses towards influenza vaccination after implementation of Bill 31 (Province of Quebec)

Implementation of a Community of Practice in Youth Mental Health and Wellness in Nunavik

Collaboration in child and youth mental health care in Nunavik


Reilly, R., Lee, V., Laux, K. & Robitaille, A. (2021) Creating Doorways: Finding Meaning and Growth through the Creative Arts in the Face of Life-Threatening Illness. Public Health.

Robitaille, A. and Fraser, S (.2019). Collaboration in child mental health care in Nunavik: what about boundaries? Oral presentation at the Inuit Studies Conference: University of Quebec in Montreal, Quebec.

Robitaille, A. & al. 2012 Building a program to support nursing practice in Remote Northern Settings in Quebec. Oral presentation at the 15th International Congress on Circumpolar Health: Fairbanks, Alaska.

Robitaille, A., Kelly, ML. & Young, B. 2009. Transition to End-of-Life Care: The Inuit Experience in Montreal. Oral presentation at the 14th International Congress on Circumpolar Health : Yellowknife, NWT.

Aurora College course I am responsible for:

Professional Practice VI: Nursing Research - FALL 2021

Health & Healing VII Community and Societal Health course – WINTER 2022

(School of Health and Human Services, Bachelor of Science in Nursing)