The Personality of Permafrost in the Western Arctic: A New June 28th Speaker Series at Aurora Research Institute Inuvik

June, 14 2023


This June 28th, Aurora Research Institute invites you to join our next speaker series event, "The Personality of Permafrost in the Western Arctic". Hosted at the Western Arctic Research Centre (191 Mackenzie Road, right next to the post office), the event will be held from 7 PM to 8 PM and will offer a fascinating deep dive into the world of permafrost.

Presenters for the evening, Jen Humphries, an ARI Permafrost Specialist, and Alice Wilson, a Permafrost Scientist from the NWT Geological Survey, will take us through an educational exploration into the enigmatic nature of permafrost, specifically focusing on conditions in the Western Arctic.

The presentation aims to provide insights into three main areas:

  1. Permafrost Conditions in the Western Arctic: Learn about the permafrost's unique characteristics, how it's formed, its importance to the Arctic ecosystem, and how changes in its conditions can have broader implications.
  2. Studying Permafrost: Discover the innovative methods and techniques used by researchers in the field. Learn about the challenges they face and how they overcome these hurdles to gather crucial data.
  3. Feature Projects in the NWT Ground Temperature Monitoring Network: Take a closer look at some of the notable projects that are part of the NWT Ground Temperature Monitoring Network. Understand their objectives, their findings, and their contribution to our understanding of permafrost and its impact on the environment.

This event provides a unique opportunity for researchers, students, and the general public to gain an in-depth understanding of permafrost. Apart from the wealth of information, the event also promises a chance to interact with specialists in the field and engage in stimulating discussions about the subject.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to delve into the cold and intriguing world of permafrost! Mark your calenders for June 28th, 7PM-8PM at the Western Arctic Research Center, 191 Mackenzie Road, Inuvik (next to the post office)!