Research Capacity and Support Here (CASH)

Main Project Contact:

Jessica Dutton

Project Start Date:

October 2018

Project End Date:

June 2020

Project Name:

Research Capacity and Support Here (CASH)

ARI Team:

Jessica Dutton
Tanya Henderson
Allison Chandler


Research Capacity and Support Here (CASH) is a grant-writing workshop focused on improving Northern researchers’ access to and success competing for federal research funding. Federal research granting agencies are expanding eligibility to hold research funds to new organizations, including Indigenous organizations in the Northwest Territories. This is an opportunity for NWT researchers and community organizations to undertake and lead research independently; however, to be competitive against applicants from southern universities, NWT researchers need equivalent support services to their southern counterparts. Canadian academic institutions have staff research officers who work with research funders to understand their programs, provide grant-writing training and development workshops for staff, and review proposals in-house before submission to funders.

In an effort to address this gap, the Aurora Research Institute has partnered with Hotii ts’eeda to provide a three-day workshop that features presentations and proposal workshopping sessions led by successful researchers and research officers who will share their expertise with participants. The participants will be made up of potential NWT researchers (including college staff), community researchers, Indigenous and local knowledge holders, and community partners who are often asked to partner on research.


  1. Guided development of participant understanding of how to write proposals and draft research proposals to produce a competitive proposal for SSHRC, CIHR, or NSERC;
  2. Development of a stronger network of independent academics, Indigenous knowledge holders, and researchers in the NWT and increased understanding of how to convene partnerships within their community to ensure necessary partnerships and support for successful research;
  3. A better understanding within ARI and Hotii ts’eeda about the types of research projects that researchers would like to undertake;
  4. A better understanding of the level of grant writing skills and abilities within the NWT, with a view to both developing and leveraging strengths in the service of securing research funding from tri-council, as a basis for refining development and delivery of grant writing workshops.


The workshop will be offered in Inuvik and participants will be invited from across the NWT. The project funding will cover travel for participants wishing to attend from other communities


The workshop is scheduled for May 5-7, 2020. The ARI team will develop resources based on the workshop content that will be made available to the public after the workshop.

External Partners:

Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox, Hotii ts’eeda 
Sara Komarinksy, Hotii ts’eeda
Rachel MacNeill, Hotii ts’eeda
Jullian MacLean, Hotii ts’eeda


Start Date: 
Tuesday, October 1, 2019