Upcoming Speaker Series talk in Yellowknife and Inuvik

April, 2 2015

Please join for a talk by Dr. Friesen entitled: Ancient and Urgent: Climate Change Impacts on Inuvialuit Heritage Sites. In Yellowknife, this co-hosted event with The Prince of Wales Heritage Northern Centre will take place at the Prince of Wales Heritage Northern Centre, April 13 at 7PM. In Inuvik, the presentation will be at the Western Arctic Research Centre, April 14 at 7PM.

Dr. Max Friesen, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Toronto, will discuss how archeological sites in the Mackenzie Delta are being threatened by climate change and how a project called Arctic CHAR (Cultural Heritage At Risk) can help to prioritize which sites should be excavated before their contents are destroyed.  

Dr. Friesen presentation in InuvikDr. Friesen presentation - April 14, 7PM Dr. Friesen presentation in YellowknifeDr. Friesen presentation - April 13, 7PM







Support for this presentation comes from the ConocoPhillips Speaker Series.  

ConocoPhillips Speaker Series