Clouds in the Arctic: A Major Climate Factor

At 4pm next Wednesday 30 April, researchers from the RACEPAC Campaign will give a presentation entitled “Clouds in the Arctic: A Major Climate Factor”.  The talk will take place in the Aurora Research Institute conference room at 191 Mackenzie Road, Inuvik.

The RACEPAC Campaign includes more than 20 researchers from several European universities and research institutes.  The RACEPAC team has traveled to Inuvik to measure cloud cover and atmospheric aerosols over the Beaufort Sea using 2 instrumented aeroplanes, as well as a ground-based sampling station located near the Tuktoyaktuk airport.  Their results will be used to improve the performance of regional and global climate models by more accurately modeling the behaviour of polar clouds.  Many RACEPAC researchers were previously in Inuvik as part of the 2012 VERDI Campaign, which also examined the Arctic atmosphere.  Both campaigns will be discussed during this presentation.

Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested – all are welcome, and light refreshments will be provided. Please see the poster as well.

Thank you, and we hope to see you there.