Danielle Wendehorst

Research Assistant
North Slave Research Centre (Yellowknife)

Personal Information

I’m a fourth year nursing student at Aurora College. I’ve grown up in Yellowknife with a passion for health, nursing, sustainability and climate change. In my third year of nursing education, I began working as a Research Assistant for Pertice Moffit to transcribe and enter data during the NWT Breast Feeding Study. This experience gave me the opportunity to see the process of conducting research in the North. I am excited to have another chance to be involved with research and expand my knowledge in the field. I plan to work in the North, with a goal towards sustainability and healthy communities.

Skills and Expertise 

  • Communication
  • Multi-tasking
  • Organization
  • Nursing and northern healthcare
  • Climate Change
  • Art (drawing and painting)

Current Projects

Emergency Protective Order Study- Research Assistant: Transcribing interviews of RCMP, staff and applications involved in the process of applying for an Emergency Protection order in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Organized audio recording and completed transcripts.

Publications and Presentations

1. Wendehorst, D. (2018). How will health in the north be changed by climate change? Poster presentation at Aurora College Research Day, Yellowknife, NT.

2.  Wendehorst, D. (2018) Climate change and leadership in nursing. Oral presentation to fourth year nursing students at Aurora College, NT.

3. Brazeau A, Evalik, J, Ittuk N, , Komangapik J, Kortierk J, Kusugak, N, & Wendehorst D. 2018) Panel on personal experiences with climate change in the North and Arctic. Oral presentation to Student on Ice participants during 2018 Student on Ice Arctic Expedition  in Greenland.

4. Wendehorst D. (2018) Climate Change: It’s Time to Change. Paper for Global Heath Course at Aurora College, Yellowknife, NT.

5. Ayoubi, H & Wendehorst, D. (2018) Globalization and the profession of nursing. Oral presentation to third year nursing students at Aurora College, Yellowk