Understanding a Woman’s Journey to Give Birth: A Community Engagement Photovoice Project

Project Name:

Perinatal Travel & Escort Support

ARI Team:

Dr. Sheila Cruz, Health and Human Services, Aurora College

Dr. Pertice Moffitt , Aurora College Research Associate

Samantha Morandin, BSN Student, Aurora College

Kimberly Fairman, ED Institute of Circumpolar Health, Aurora College Research Associate

External Team Members:

Lauren Eggenberger, Medical Student, University of British Columbia

Sigwart Casson, Graduate Student, McMaster University


This project about the escort policy for pregnant women travelling for birth came from the Women’s Health agenda of Pertice Moffitt and from Dr. Rebecca Rich’s proposal to complete a photovoice project, Then in consultation with Dr.’s Moffitt and Rich, two third year BSN students (Sara Gibbons and Kaitlyn Miklas) completed a beginning ethics submission as a health promotion project in the BSN program. It was envisioned that in the subsequent year the work would be followed up (data collection and analysis with pregnant women)  by a new group of students. We are considering this year’s work to be a “pilot” to begin collecting data on this important topic. Little is known about the Medical Travel Policy that has enabled pregnant women to have an escort of their choice travel with them when they give birth. We hope that this research will illuminate women’s journeys for birth and the impact and meaning to pregnant women to now be accompanied by their chosen escort. This may assist decision-makers with improvements and considerations within the travel policies for pregnant women.


To understand who the women chose as their escorts, how the women came to choose their escorts, and how this policy affects their birthing experience.


Women and their escorts from North and South Slave, Tlicho and Dehcho Regions will be recruited to participate in the study. All of the women will travel to Stanton Yellowknife Hospital to give birth.


Photovoice. The results will be communicated in a display of the participants choosing (museum, health centres, communities are examples); a publication in a peer-reviewed journal; presentations to NWT stakeholders and conferences.


June 2021- September 2021: Interviews will be conducted. Collection of data.

Project will end December 2021.

Photographs and themes will develop with the participants as Co-investigators in group meetings. 


Aurora College researchers study birthing experience for women travelling to Yk




updated July 2021

Start Date: 
Tuesday, June 1, 2021 to Friday, December 31, 2021