Reconciling Research Ethics

Main Project Contact:

Jessica Dutton

Project Start Date:

September 2019

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Project Name:

Reconciling Research Ethics

ARI Team:

Jessica Dutton


Dr. Dutton conducts research on research ethics theory and practice with a focus on applied solutions for the Northwest Territories. Research has a long and difficult history in Northern Canada research ethics protocols provide an important opportunity to hold researchers to a higher standard of ethical practice. In order to understand how to make appropriate use of the research ethics review system to protect research participants in the North, we must understand the positions of key stakeholders, including Indigenous governments, community organizations, governments, funders, researchers, participants, etc. and learn how they converge, intersect, and diverge.

By working with diverse stakeholder groups to develop shared research questions and situate priorities, this program of research seeks applied solutions that will support ethical engagement of Indigenous participants and northern communities in research in practice. In theory, this work aims to reconcile the vision of research ethics set out by the academic establishment and those of Northern communities and Indigenous groups.


Explore similarities and differences between key stakeholder groups’ vision of research ethics and the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans;

Situate the values and priorities of NWT Indigenous groups and communities in the  literature available on research ethics in various cultural and community contexts;

Explore applied ethical solutions for reviewing research in the NWT.


Dr. Dutton works in Fort Smith and works with partners throughout the North and South. Collaborations with academic and community partners are welcome.


This qualitative study incorporates participatory methods wherever possible. Dr. Dutton specializes in critical and (post)colonial analysis, as well as applied research in a community-based context.

External Partners: 

Julie Bull, Centre for Mental Health and Additions (Toronto)

Antoine Mountain, Fort Good Hope

Start Date: 
Sunday, September 1, 2019