Mineral Strategies

Main Project Contact:
Garfield Giff

Project Start Date:
March 2018

Project End Date:
September 2020

Project Name:
A Geographic Information System (GIS) to Support the Development and Implementation of Mineral Strategies in the Western Arctic

ARI Team:
Garfield Giff
Celtie Ferguson

ARI will develop a GIS to support the management of mineral strategies across the Western Arctic. A GIS of this nature will provide stakeholders with geospatial tools, as well as geoscience and geospatial information to better inform their decision-making with respect to mineral strategy management and land use planning in general. In addition, having mineral strategies developed with the support of meaningful, current, and accurate geoscience/geospatial information will results in better planned investment in mineral exploration, as well as exploration with reduced environmental impact. This translates into increase economic opportunity and protection of the Canadian environment.

The key objectives of this Project are as follow:

  1. Design a GIS that integrates geoscience data with geospatial data to visualize, store, analyze, and provide critical information to support the development of Mineral Strategies in the Western Arctic;
  2. Develop a prototype populated with relevant GEM’s geoscience datasets and geospatial datasets and demonstrate its application to mineral strategy management to communities of the Western Arctic;
  3. Grow the awareness and usefulness of geoscience datasets across the Western Arctic; and
  4. Train potential users of the GIS.

Across the Western Arctic

GIS design and implementation


Project Planning Dec 2017 - Mar 2018
Data Requirement Analysis Apr - June 2018
GIS System Design July - Sept 2018
GIS Development Oct 2018 - Feb 2019
Demonstration Prototype Mar 2019
Re-engineering of the GIS Apr - June 2019
User Training July 2019
Access and Publication on the GIS Aug 2019 - Sept 2020












External Partners:
NWT Centre for Geomatics
NWT Geological Survey
Department of Industry, Tourism, and Investment; Petroleum Resources Division

Western Arctic, Mineral Strategy, GIS to Support Mineral Strategy, Integration of GIS and Geoscience Data

Start Date: 
Thursday, March 1, 2018