Understanding a Woman’s Journey to Give Birth: A Community Engagement Photovoice Project

To understand who the women chose as their escorts, how the women came to choose their escorts, and how this policy affects their birthing experience.

Nursing Practice in Rural and Remote Canada

The goal of this project is to better understand the nursing workforce and nursing practice in rural and remote Canada so that health care planners and policy makers can work to improve nursing services and access to care in rural and remote Canada. People who live in rural and remote parts of Canada (including the North) tend to have more health challenges than people living in urban areas. Rural and remote communities also experience limited numbers and chronic shortages of health care workers, including nurses. In order to keep improving health services and to support nurses in rural and remote communities, planners and policy makers need up-to-date information. Nursing Practice in Rural and Remote Canada II is a study that provides that information.

Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence is a serious social problem in the Prairie Provinces and Northwest Territories. These regions report the highest rates of shelter utilization in Canada and the highest rates of sexual assault and intimate partner homicide. Despite sustained research into intimate partner violence, Little data is available about rural and northern communities' incidence of intimate partner violence. Numerous gaps have been identified, including the need for research conducted within a Canadian context, the unique experiences of specific populations of women, and the experience of women in rural and northern communities. As a result, resources that respond to this social problem are lacking and knowledge of how to improve community responses to intimate partner violence are poor. This research aims to answer: What are the unique needs of victims of IPV living in rural and northern areas of these regions? What are the gaps that exist in meeting these needs? How do we create non-violent communities in these regions?
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