Tłı̨chǫ Summer Student Program

The Barrenlands in the Daring Lake area are rich in natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and human history.  Situated in the low Arctic, they provide the perfect setting for northern research—and for young Northerners to see firsthand how studies into climate change and other topics are carried out. As part of a long-term study of tundra-atmosphere interactions at Daring Lake, university researchers are studying the exchange of important greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) between tundra surfaces and the atmosphere.  They are measuring these exchanges over various tundra types (upland tundra, wet sedge fen, and shrub sites) and assessing carbon sink/source strength of the Daring Lake region.   

The Tłı̨chǫ Summer Student Research Assistant Program is a joint initiative of the Wek'èezhìi Renewable Resources Board and Environment and Natural Resources, GNWT and Aurora Research Institute.  The objective of this program is to provide hands on education and training experiences for Tłįcho students. This is a five year program in which Tłįcho high school students from the North Slave Region are hired as research assistants to work alongside  researchers at the Tundra Ecosystem Research Station at Daring Lake for 1 month in the summer.

Students assist in the field by sampling vegetation and microbial communities and taking measurements of photosynthesis and respiration, and biomass.  They also assist in permafrost study fieldwork, measuring permafrost active layer depth; and in the lab by preparing samples for examination under microscopes and by drying plant samples for later analysis.  They check sensors, take water temperatures on tundra lakes, haul equipment, record data, collect plant samples, assist with vegetation point framing, and perform other field tasks.  And finally, before ending their day, they assist with camp duties at the Research Station.

Tłı̨chǫ Summer Student Research Assistants

Izaak Wedzin                                  Brandon Zoe
Izaak Wedzin at Daring Lake Brandon Zoe at Daring Lake
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Susan Machan                                Roman Lamouelle
Susan Machan at Daring Lake   Roman Lamouelle at Daring Lake
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Trena Wyallon           Teya Wetrade
TSSRAP summer student Trena Weyallon displaying her feather collection project at Daring Lake (Photo:  GNWT/Stephanie Yuill)   Summer student Teya Wetrade with one of the four Lake Trout she caught at Daring Lake this summer  (Photo:  GNWT/Stephanie Yuill)
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Joshua Rebesca                                             Allison Wetrade
TSSRAP student Joshua Rabesca with researchers at Daring Lake. Photo: GNWT / K.Clark   TSSRAP student Allison Wetrade sharing traditional stories from her home community with students at the Tundra Science and Culture Camp.  Photo: GNWT / T.Stephenson, ENR
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Janelle Nitsiza                     Zhalanni Drygeese                         Jody Zoe
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