Sarah Rosolen

Manager / Instructor
South Slave Research Center (Fort Smith)

Research Statement

As the part-time manager of the South Slave Research Centre based out of Fort Smith, my role is to support and facilitate research happening in this region. I consider myself a generalist and am willing to take on a wide range of projects that propel community-identified priorities. My academic training includes water and waste management from a science and engineering perspective, however, I have learned a lot about the importance of community knowledge and participation in science during my career, which has included the non-profit, consulting and academic sectors. My engineering work, while brief, included piloting small scale ‘living machines’, which harnessed the power of plant-based systems to deal with wastewater, something I have a keen interest in revisiting from a northern perspective. 

My other passion is education, and youth engagement specifically. I earned my B.Ed. in 2007 and then later an M. Ed., which led to the creation of a partnership with researchers from across the country to re-think our education systems and look at how we can do a better job supporting Indigenous learners in the classroom. My passion for education and the environment continues today with a focus on teaching about sustainability and connecting the college with environmental initiatives in the community. 

Teaching Responsibilities

Environment and Natural Resources Technology Program:

  • Geology (ENSC0240), Ecology (ENSC0102)
  • Environmental Stewardship (ENSC0232)
  • Environmental Science (ENSC0105)

In the past, I have also taught for the Bachelor of Education program

  •  Science Education (440-204)
  • Environmental Science and Society (125.3)
  • Technology Applications in Education (440-107)
  • Inquiry Project (EDUC411)


Significant Contributions

Rosolen S, Conrad D, Stewart S, Belczewski A, George C, Baker J, Senk T, Sleeper B, and Rodriquez J. 2018. Stories of Hope: Celebrating decolonized Indigenous education. Oral presentation at the Think Indigenous Educators Conference, Saskatoon, SK.

Rosolen S, Conrad D, Porter D, and Fournier J. 2018. Decolonizing learning: Exploring strategies and overcoming obstacles. Oral presentation to the Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association Educators Conference, Yellowknife, NT.

Rosolen, S. 2017. Capacity, leadership, and training to support watershed stewardship in the NWT. Oral presentation and panelist at the Water Stewardship Strategy Implementation Workshop, Dettah, NT.

Porter D, and Rosolen S. 2016. B. Ed., our journey. Oral presentation at the Think Indigenous Educators Conference, Saskatoon, SK.

Connor SJ, Baird DJ, Curry C, Gibson J, Hajibabaei M, Heard K, Hussey B, King I, Monk W, Rosolen S, and Shokralla S. 2014. Applying the Biomonitoring 2.0 approach in two contrasting sub-arctic tributaries of the Slave River, NWT, Canada. Poster presentation at the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR.

Scott A, Dixon M, and Rosolen S. 2013. Socio-economic benefits of space exploration for Canada. Oral presentation at the Canadian Space Society Space Summit Ottawa, ON.



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