Patrick Gall, BASc, BSc

Engineering & Technology Projects Technician
Aurora Research Institute (Inuvik)
867-777-3298 ext. 237

I am an engineering graduate from the University of Ottawa who will most likely be spotted on a bicycle or on skis when not in front of a computer. I started working at ARI in September 2017 to write a feasibility report for the diversion of waste cardboard to make fuel pellets. Since then, I have been involved with wind and solar monitoring projects and the Merging Arts and Crafts with Technology and Manufacturing Course, while still having the opportunity to maintain my participation in the Inuvik Robotics and Engineering Club that is hosted out of ARI.

My favourite part of the job is data analysis; either opening up a blank excel document or starting a new project in Visual Studio in order to model a system or predict future data. Outside of working hours, I enjoy working on small Finite Element Analysis and Parametric design projects, usually involving bicycles, as well as writing small computer games using Scratch or Gamemaker Studio.


Skills and Expertise
At University, my favourite subjects were Finite Element Analysis, Composite Materials, and Mechatronics. As a result, these are the topics that I spent the most time learning about. Although these topics are quite specific, they provide some great transferable skills in the broader fields of data analysis, system modelling, data visualization, and report writing, while helping me fine tune my gut reaction to when one piece of data does not fit in with the rest.


Current Projects

  • Manufacture and Use of Cardboard Fuel Pellets in Inuvik NT: This was the project I was originally hired to work on. My role was to complete a feasibility study on using waste cardboard as a heating source in Inuvik. This involved a test cardboard collection program, literature review, emissions modelling, and much more. As of 2018, a pilot project is being setup.
  • Norman Wells Wind Resource Assessment Program:So far my role has been to aid in the coordination of a new meteorological tower installation in Norman Wells. This tower will be the second to be installed in Norman Wells and should improve our understanding of the wind resource in that area.
  • Aurora Research Institute Building Energy Monitoring:The Aurora Research Institute building has several demonstration solar systems installed on its roof and walls. My role in this project is the collection and organization of the telemetry data collected by the solar systems.