Nigel Rossouw

Intern Research Technician
North Slave Research Centre (Yellowknife)
(867) 767-8215


BSc. Environmental and Conservation Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

Dipl. Environmental Monitoring and Protection, Lakeland College, Vermilion AB

Research Statement:

The Field Technician position allows me to work with multiple researchers investigating aquatic habitats near and around Yellowknife while also contributing on projects extending to Fort Good Hope, NT.

Born and raised in Yellowknife NT, I love everything water! The water above and below, the soil between, and the plants holding it together! My interest is predominantly in limnology and after being exposed to many different research projects I would love to one day help unveil and articulate processes occurring in our northern aquatic systems. I have 3 years of environmental work experience and my goal is to continue my journey in becoming a scientist that can help give back to my community.

Current Projects:

  • Monthly sampling for Subarctic Lakes in a changing climate (SLACC)
  • Bathymetry compilation of lakes surrounding Yellowknife
  • Data cleaning and presentation