Myrah Graham

STEM Outreach Assistant
Western Arctic Research Center (Inuvik)
867-777-3298 ext. 235

The environment is a fabulous area of study, because the possibilities of exploration are virtually limitless. Through the lens of STEM we can learn to understand the processes around us that make up our world.

Engaging, exploring and playing with science is how I grew to pursue education in STEM, and it is now how I can spark interest in the next generation.

I first dipped my toe in the waters of ARI via the front gardens, which I helped maintain over a summer. In my current role, I assist Annika with the STEM Outreach program, as well as the Western Arctic Research Center Ethnobotany Gardens. Both online and hands-on, I hope to help increase student engagement and curiosity for STEM in the NWT.

Education: BSc Environment

Current Projects

STEM Outreach Program

WARC Ethnobotany Gardens