Lars Ekelund

ACTMC Coordinator
Arts, Crafts and Technology Micro-manufacturing Centre (Inuvik)

I completed my BA in Political Science in 2011, Advanced Mech. Eng. Technology Diploma in 2014, and BASc in Mechanical Engineering in 2016. I worked as a design engineer in Whitehorse before moving to Calgary to work as a mechanical EIT in the R&D section of an oil and gas company. In January 2019 I moved to Inuvik to take on the role of Coordinator at the ACTMC.

I enjoy the opportunity to develop my technical skills and learn new artistic skills in this role, as well as the opportunity to meet artists from throughout the Beaufort Delta. When I am not at work, I will usually be outside or making something on my own. I enjoy camping and hiking, as well as anything that has an engine.

Skills and Expertise

I am experienced in carpentry, machining, construction, and mechanics, as well as writing and researching. Through engineering, I had the opportunity to develop these skills and apply them to the field of design, and later to research and development. My current role provides me with experience in 3D printing, CNC routing, art design, vinyl cutting, screen printing, and UV printing, as well as reporting and financial management.

List of Current Projects

ACTMC – As the coordinator for the ACTMC I am responsible for the operation of the centre, staff, and equipment. I provide creative and technical support to the centre clients, develop programming for the centre, and deliver training and workshops to the public and centre clients.