Karla Kuptana

Administrative/ Communications Worker & Technician-in-training
INNOVATE Center (Inuvik, NT)


My responsibilities are basic administrative duties and to find content for the newsletter we send out bi-monthly, which I post on social media. I am also learning the technician side as I work with Justin in the evenings to help INNOVATE members with the equipment.

INNOVATE is a pretty unique place to work and I enjoy it because I am crafter at heart. I used the centre as a hobbyist before I started working here. I've spent a lot of my own time learning and creating in different crafts. I spend a lot of time embroidering. I’ve made card holders, a few baby straps, and some scissor cases. I’ve also used different furs to make mitts and mukluks for my children and family.

I was born and raised in Fort McPherson and I moved to Inuvik in 2000 with my family. I enjoy living in the North; I love my lifestyle here, being able to get out on the land as much as possible. Raising my two children and showing them our cultural ways makes the connection to the land even more of a blessing. I am also on the Inuvik Fire Department.