Jullian MacLean

Project Director, Health Methods and Data; Hotii ts'eeda (NWT SPOR Support Unit)

Education: Masters of Health Administration

Home organization: Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Hotii ts'eeda (NWT SPOR Support Unit) 

Description of Research Program:

Jullian’s research a collaborative effort with the University of Ottawa that works to address various aspects of food security in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, through both dietary/epidemiological research (using Inuit Health Survey data) and participatory, community-based work. This work has focused on links between human nutrition and wildlife conservation, dietary sources of nutrients from both traditional and market food, the economic dimensions of healthy market food-based diets, and local-scale food security. Building on this foundation and recognizing the need to address food security at multiple scales, his ongoing research involves significant focus on regional-scale food security governance and policy. Specifically, Jullian’s research works to create a strategic document that can be used by local land-claims organizations and governments as both a guide and advocacy tool to address local food insecurity in the region. 

Research Contributions:

1.  MacLean, J. and Wesche, S.D. (2020, February).  Collaborative Research in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (Western Canadian Arctic): Building the Evidence-base for an Inuit Food Security Strategy.  Presented at Adaption 2020, Vancouver, Canada. 

2.  Wesche, S and MacLean, J. (2019, December). Scaling-up Arctic Food Security Governance in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region.  Presented at ArcticNet 2019, Halifax, Canada.

3. Kenny, T.A., Myriam, F., MacLean, J., Wesche, S.D., and Chan, H.M. (2018).  Calories are cheap, nutrients are expensive – The challenge of healthy living in Arctic communities.  Food Policy, 80, 39-54. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.foodpol.2018.08.006

4.  Kenny, T.A., MacLean, J., Gale, P., Keats, S., Chan, H.M., Wesche, S.D.  (2018). Linking health and the environment through education – A Traditional Food Program in Inuvik, Western Canadian Arctic. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, 13 (3), 429-432. https://doi.org/10.1080/19320248.2017.1420330

5. Kenny, T.A., Wesche, S.D., Fillion, M., MacLean, J., and Hing, M.C. (2018). Supporting Inuit food security: A synthesis of initiatives in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Northwest Territories.  Canadian Food Studies, 5(2), 73-110.

6. Wesche, S and MacLean, J. (2018, December). Collaborative research in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (Western Canadian Arctic): Building the evidence-base for an Inuit Food Security Strategy. Presented at ArcticNet 2018, Ottawa, Canada.