Jarod Tuckey

ARI Outreach Coordinator - Intern
South Slave Research Center (Fort Smith)

What I’ve always liked about science is finding a deeper understanding of how things work in the environment, and learning how certain things can affect my community, the environment around it, and how I can protect it.

It’s important to get northern youth involved in science because we need local people who care for the Northwest Territories to stay in the Northwest Territories. Northern youth have a deeper connection with the environment, and it’s important to peak their interest so we have future northerners who return home who take the jobs of the future.

I want to work with youth because when I was younger I had a couple of role models at summer camps, and I enjoyed the challenges I was faced with that I wouldn’t have had without the summer camps. So I am looking forward to being someone who can help or inspire youth to pursue science ether as a hobby or a career in the future.