Hosai Ayoubi

Research Assistant

Personal information

Hi there, my name is Hosai Ayoubi, and I am completing my fourth year in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, at Aurora College, Yellowknife. I have grown up in the North all my life, and I am interested to see how the findings of research can be applied to the North. My journey as a Nursing student has led to my interest and passion for research; I appreciate how dynamic research can be as it is an evolving body of knowledge, that shares new insight, perspective, and ideas for improving practices.

Skills and expertise

I am confident in my research skills regarding transcription, literature and policy searches, data extraction, data analysis, and interviews. Some of my other strengths include time management, organization, interpersonal skills, and motivation.

List of current projects

I have had the opportunity to work as a research assistant for the following projects: Breastfeeding in the NWT, Emergency Protective Orders, and Family Violence. All of which have been managed by the Aurora Research Institute and lead by Dr. Pertice Moffitt.