Angela Hamilton

Research Coordinator, NSRC
North Slave Research Centre (Yellowknife)


Master of Science Geography


Skills and expertise

In my undergraduate degree for BA Biology with a minor in Environmental Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University, I conducted experiments on larval lamprey to gather data on excretion rates by taking water, skin, and gill samples for a directed studies course.

I completed my Master of Science Geography degree at also at Wilfrid Laurier University under the supervision of William (Bill) Quinton and Michael Braverman. The research objective of my study was to create a better understanding of wetlands that are hydrologically connected to seismic lines in efforts to create more accurate prediction models.


Current projects

Collecting water samples to provide water quality data for Yellowknife for both the SLACC project and Baker Watershed area.

Creating graphs and maps that visually represent the collected data to tell a story of the area with the goal of creating an interactive map to share online.


Significant contributions

Hamilton, Angela, "Impact of seismic lines on the hydrology of wetlands in the discontinuous permafrost zone, southwestern Northwest Territories" (2020). Theses and Dissertations (Comprehensive). 2299.

Elgie, A., W. Quinton, M. Braverman. The Hydrological Impacts of Seismic lines on peatland in a zone of discontinuous permafrost. ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting, 2-5 December, 2019. Halifax, Canada. 180.