Additional Requirements

This table sumarizes additional NWT regulatory bodies for Physical and Biological Studies as a part of regional land administrations.

Inuvialuit Settlement Region Gwich'in Settlement Area Sahtu Settlement Area North Slave Region Dehcho Region South Slave Region
Lands administered by Parks Canada1 RCP
      RCP RCP
Migratory Bird Sanctuary or National Widlife Area + EC-CWS          
In use of Commissioner’s Lands + MACA + MACA + MACA + MACA + MACA + MACA
Interview component

additional research requirements for interview

(Traditional Knowledge or other social research)

On Private Lands2 + ILA + GLA + DLC + TLPD    
Land and Water Use3 + ILA + AANDC + NWTWB + GLWB + SLWB + WLWB and/or MVLWB + MVLWB + MVLWB

1 Research on these lands requires a Parks Canada’s permit instead of the territorial governments’ permits or licences (ARI, ENR and PWNHC). Other approvals still apply.

2 Private Lands in Settled Land Claim Areas

3 Research above certain thresholds require Land Use Permits and/or Water Licences

ARI Aurora Research Institute Scientific Research Licence
EC-CWS Environment Canada - Canadian Wildlife Service Migratory Bird Sanctuary Permit or National Wildlife Area Permit
DLC District Land Corporations (Sahtu) Land Agreement
EISC Environmental Impact Screening Committee Environmental Impact Screening
ENR Environment and Natural Resources Department Wildlife Research Permit and Forest Research Licence
GLA Gwich’in Land Administration Land Permit
GLWB Gwich’in Land and Water Board Land Use Permit and/or Water Licence
ILA Inuvialuit Land Administration Land Use Permit
AANDC Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada Land Use Permit
MACA Department of Municipal and Community Affairs - Land Administration offices Commissioner’s Lands Lease
MVLWB Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board Land Use Permit and/or Water Licence
NWTWB Northwest Territories Water Board Water Licence
PWNHC Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Archaeologists Permit
RCP Parks Canada Agency Research and Collection Permit
SLWB Sahtu Land and Water Board Land Use Permit and/or Water Licence
TLPD Tłįchǫ Land Protection Department Land Permit
WLWB Wek’èezhı̀ı Land and Water Board Land Use Permit and/or Water Licence