Scientific Research Licence

Research that does not fall under the Wildlife or Archaeologist legislation requires a Scientific Research Licence which is administered by the Aurora Research Institute (ARI). Applications for Scientific Research Licences are submitted through our online system.

We recommend that applications be submitted at least three months in advance of your proposed start date, especially if you have not already started communication about your project. It is best to be proactive, apply early and begin your communication with community organizations as early as possible. ARI encourages early and effective communication with community organizations.

Anybody proposing to conduct research within the NWT are expected to follow ethical principles throughout all stages of a research project. If people are the subjects of your research, review our ethical research requirements.

Before you apply for a Scientific Research Licence:

  1. Ensure that your research location is within the NWT. If your research is to take place in Nunavut or Yukon, in addition to the NWT, you will have to apply to the regulatory institutions of the appropriate territory (see Additional Research Licences and Permits section in the Guide to Doing Research in the Northwest Territories).
  2. Determine which region(s) or land claim area(s) you will be working in. Familiarize yourself with the area as the aboriginal, municipal and territorial governments may have identified regional research priorities and your work may compliment existing research efforts. Review the NWT Science Agenda and Community Research Priorities. Search our Database of licensed research projects to familiarize yourself with past and current research initiatives, and discuss your project idea with representatives in the region.