Reporting Requirements

Licence holders are required to submit a plain-language summary of approximately 200 words describing the outcomes from the past years licensed research activity. Plain language summaries for projects are compiled into an annual Compendium of Research, which summarizes all licensed research that is carried out in the NWT each year.

The report must be submitted to the Aurora Research Institute by June 30 of the following year in which the licence was issued (for example, a summary of 2015 research work is due, at the latest, on June 30, 2016). If you apply for a new licence before this date, your summary is due at the same time as you submit your new application. The submission of a digital copy of your summary is preferred. Please ensure that your licence and application numbers appear at the top of your report.

Aurora Research Institute also requires that researchers submit copies of any final report(s) produced, particularily if publications result from the study. These report submissions may take the form of a published document, thesis report, technical report, posters or other public presentation formats. The final report(s) are stored in the permanent collection at Aurora Research Institute. This collection is accessible to the community and other researchers in our library.