On-the-land STEM Camps for Students in the Western Arctic

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Garfield Giff

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Growing Climate Change Awareness Amongst Western Arctic Students Through On-the-land STEM Camps

ARI Team:

Garfield Giff

Celtie Ferguson

Greg Elias

Edwin Amos

Kata Kuhnert 


The way-of-life and culture of the Western Arctic communities are closely intertwined with the land. Therefore, any negative impact on the environment of the Western Arctic will affect the way-of-life and culture of the people. Growing climate change awareness amongst youth is a key step in supporting Western Arctic communities in developing and implementing climate change mitigation strategies.

Effectively informing youth on the effects of climate driven changes on their communities requires methodologies that visibley identify these effects in an interactive, informative, and fun-filled manner. This project includes an on-the-land programs that infuses Traditional Knowledge (TK) with Earth and Space Science (ESS) with the goal that youth will be engaged in:

  • The local effects of climate driven changes;
  • The use of ESS and TK in identifying these changes;
  • The Application of ESS and TK to mitigate against the effects of these changes.


The two main goals of the project are firstly, to provide students from Western Arctic communities with hands-on experience of the effects of climate change on their community and the application of ESS in identifying, monitoring, and mitigating against these effects. Secondly, to develop a set of tools which will be used for educating other youths on the effects of climate driven changes. This land-based learning opportunity will highlight the application of ESS and TK to climate change activities, as well as incorporate students’ findings and experiences into a set of interactive teaching tools.


The project will take place in the Beaufort-Delta Education Council School District of the Northwest Territories. See map below courtesy of the Beaufort-Delta Education Council.


The on-the-land program will be developed using the following methodologies: curriculum development, geomatics data collection techniques, GIS methodologies, map and StoryMap making methodologies, video production techniques, Traditional Knowledge, project management, lesson planning, literature review on STEM and Traditional Knowledge integration, Climate change monitoring, interviews of Elders and community members on the impact of climate change on their community, and workshops.

The results of the project will be communicated through videos with supporting lessons, and interactive maps and StoryMaps all illustrating the use of on-the-land activities to grow the awareness of the effects of climate change on Western Arctic communities.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Year 2018 - 2019      
  • Project Planning
Year 2019 - 2020      
  • Project Management (PM)
  • Lesson plans Framework design
  • Data collection
  • PM
  • Interactive Web Maps and Story Maps Framework design
  • PM
  • Development of lesson plans
  • Identification of on On-the-land sites
  • PM
  • Engage professionals and Elders to participate in the program
  • Site reconnaissance and preliminary mapping of the effects of climate change
Year 2020 - 2021      
  • PM
  • Development of planned on-the-land activities
  • Video shoot planning and training
  • PM
  • Review of program with all participants
  • Revise program based on feedback
  • PM
  • Program delivery
  • Video production
  • PM
  • Create Web Maps and StoryMaps
  • Video editing
Year 2021 - 2022      
  • PM
  • Program delivery
  • Video production and editing
  • PM
  • Update Web Maps and StoryMaps
  • PM
  • Project workshop to demonstrate and discuss the use of the materials
  • Dissemination of program materials.
  • PM
  • Review of program with all participants and organizations that received the materials.
  • Up dating of materials
  • Project reporting

External Partners:

Alice Wilson, Northwest Territories Geological Survey 

Emma Stockton, Carleton University

American Geophysical Union: Centennial Program

Beaufort Delta Education Council


On-the-land programs, climate Change; GIS, STEM; Traditional Knowledge; StoryMaps; interactive maps; lesson plans for on-the-land programs; earth and space science.




Updated May 2021


Start Date: 
Friday, September 20, 2019