Arctic Great Rivers Observatory (Arctic GRO)

Project Title:

Arctic Great Rivers Observatory (Arctic GRO)

Project Lead:

Edwin Amos

ARI Team:

Ryan Mcleod

Greg Elias


Led by Max Holmes (Woods Hole Research Centre), Arctic GRO is a coordinated, international effort to collect and analyze a time-series of water quality and river discharge information from the six largest arctic rivers using identical sampling and analytical protocols. This includes the Ob, Yenisey, Lena, Kolyma, Yukon, and Mackenzie.


The goal of this project is to examine long term changes in the seasonal biogeochemistry and discharge of the six largest Arctic Rivers, providing insight into the effects of climate and landscape change on the contributing catchment.


The Western Arctic Research Centre leads the Mackenzie River team. Sampling occurs at Arctic Red (near Tsiigehtchic, NT).


Water samples are collected from Arctic Red every two months. Samples are filtered and stored at the Western Arctic Research Centre until they can be shipped out for analysis.


Beginning in February 2017, sampling has occurred every two months.

External Partners:

Max Holmes (Project Director; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)

Jim McClelland (Co-PI; Marine Science Institute, University of Texas)

Suzanne Tank (Co-PI; University of Alberta)

Rob Spenser (Co-PI; Florida State University)

Alexander Shiklomanov (Co-PI; University of New Hampshire)


Physical sciences, water quality, arctic rivers, climate change, hydrology, water chemistry





updated June 2021

Start Date: 
Wednesday, February 1, 2017