South Slave Research Centre (SSRC) June 2024 Update is out!

July, 8 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of the June 2024 edition of the SSRC Newsletter. This latest issue is packed with exciting updates and stories from the South Slave Research Centre, reflecting our continued commitment to fostering food sovereignty and sustainability in the South Slave region.

Highlights from This Issue:

Boreal Berry Patch Collective: Learn about the collaborative efforts in Fort Smith to plant over 300 berry bushes, bringing together 13 organizations to promote local food security.

Makerspace Activities: Discover the innovative projects and workshops happening at the Thebacha Makerspace, where community members are exploring new skills and technologies.

Research Updates: Dive into the latest research on wildfire impacts on carbon stocks and species at risk, including detailed studies on garter snakes and caribou lichen.

Community Initiatives: Read about the numerous local food projects, including the NWT Strawberry Research Trials and the Territorial Agrifood Association’s Teen Chef Program, aimed at engaging and educating the youth.

Environmental Education: Explore our new Environmental Field Camp for youth, offering hands-on learning experiences in the stunning natural landscapes of the South Slave region.

This edition of the newsletter also features insights from our dedicated staff and summer students, who are driving these initiatives forward with passion and expertise. From soil fertility studies to transboundary water research, the SSRC team is working diligently to address the unique challenges and opportunities in our region.

By fostering knowledge sharing, capacity building, and community collaboration, we aim to build a resilient and sustainable future for all. The newsletter provides a comprehensive look at how these efforts are coming to life through various projects and partnerships.

We invite you to read the full newsletter to stay informed about the impactful work being done by the South Slave Research Centre. Together, we are making strides towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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