South Slave Research Center: Spring 2023 Update

April, 28 2023

Exciting news from the South Slave Research Center! The Spring 2023 newsletter is now available and it's packed with updates on the latest happenings in the region. Here's a sneak peek at some of the highlights:

  • Congratulations to the ARI STEM team, who have been nationally recognized with an ACTUA award! This is a huge accomplishment and a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team.
  • A warm welcome to Jarod, the newest addition to the ARI Outreach Team. Jarod is a Fort Smither and Aurora College grad, and he'll be joining the team as Outreach Coordinator Intern.
  • This issue's Community Profile features Lorne Napier, a member of the Northwest Territory Métis Nation. Learn about Lorne's background, interests, and involvement in the community.
  • ARI is collaborating to create a South Slave (and Fort Smith) MakerSpace to bring innovative technology and creativity to the community. Read more about this exciting initiative in the newsletter.
  • Wildlife cameras and audio recorders are being used in land monitoring in the NWT. Come check out the May 5th Zoom webinar to learn more about this important research.
  • Finally, the newsletter includes updates on the latest research projects underway at ARI. From climate change to resource development, there's always something new and exciting happening at the South Slave Research Center.

Don't miss out on the Spring 2023 newsletter from the South Slave Research Center. Check it out now for all the latest updates and news!