Science Rendezvous 2015 at Aurora Research Institute

April, 21 2015

Science Rendezvous is a national event that takes place each year in partnership with Canada’s top research institutes. The event aims to promote interest in science among youth through fun, hands-on science-based activities. For more information, visit the Science Rendezvous website).

As a part of this year’s Science Rendezvous events, Aurora Research Institute and local students launched a high altitude weather balloon in Inuvik on April 20th, 2015. (See a video clip of the launch taken by CBC North here). The balloon launch is part of a national High Altitude Balloon Experiment (HABEX) program, in which weather balloons equipped with environmental sensors and high definition cameras are released into the stratosphere to gather data from near space. Results from HABEX balloons launched around the country will be available on May 9th, 2015 – so students will be able to explore the stratosphere and HABEX program findings shared from across Canada!

Aurora Research Institute is also hosting Science Rendezvous events on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 at East Three School in Inuvik. Students will participate in a series of challenges and demonstrations set up by our own local scientists and professionals representing several branches of science: physics, environmental sciences, health sciences and even fire chemistry. 

HABEX launch Inuvik HABEX launch Inuvik