Aurora College and Hotıì ts’eeda awarded funding to develop on-line academic journal highlighting the work of Indigenous scholars and northern science

August, 16 2021

Aurora College and Hotıì ts’eeda awarded funding to develop on-line academic journal highlighting the work of Indigenous scholars and northern science

YELLOWKNIFE, NT - A team of Aurora College and Hotıì ts’eeda staff has successfully secured a $62,500 funding award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for a project to develop an online journal hosted by Aurora College.

The project team will establish an open access peer-reviewed journal at Aurora College, with an editorial board composed by a majority of Northerners. The journal will highlight the work of Indigenous scholars and northern science that impacts, and is relevant to, the peoples of the Northwest Territories.

Dr. Pertice Moffitt, research associate with Aurora College’s research division, the Aurora Research Institute, is leading the project, which is also supported by the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning.

The creation of a northern-led, Indigenous-governed, open-access journal provides a unique platform to represent Northern and Indigenous voices and scientific endeavours. Existing circumpolar academic journals are based at southern or international institutions and are often less accessible as they sit behind a subscription or pay service.

The online journal will increase discoverability of and access to research from scholars based in the North, disseminate research that can inform Northern policy and practice, and ensure the voices of Indigenous scholars and traditional knowledge are represented equally alongside western science.


 “The Journal represents a real opportunity to see how Traditional Knowledge transfer can be equal to Western skill development shared by the North, for the North. It will be unlike any stand-alone academic journal ever before.”

-              John B. Zoe, Chair Governing Council, Hotıì ts’eeda

“Knowledge translation, as proposed by this open-access journal at Aurora College, is an important pillar in our mission to demonstrate leadership in the delivery of relevant and meaningful education and research rooted in strong connections to the Northern land, tradition, community and people.”

-              Andy Bevan, President, Aurora College

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Aurora Research Institute (ARI) is the research division of Aurora College.  The mandate of ARI is to improve the quality of life for residents of the Northwest Territories by applying scientific, technological and Indigenous knowledge to solve northern problems and advance social and economic goals. To achieve this mandate ARI conducts, supports, and licenses research throughout the NWT.  ARI is headquartered in Inuvik, and has regional research centres in Inuvik, Yellowknife and Fort Smith. Website:

Hotıì tseeda is a research support unit hosted by the Tlicho Government and governed primarily by NWT Indigenous Governments. Hotıì ts’eeda connects NWT organizations and communities with researchers and funding to achieve health research and training goals. It is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Learn more at

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