Our logos as represented on this page are the preferred visual representation for Aurora Research Institute. This page provides downloadable logo files for use by our partners and research grant recipients, keeping in mind:

  • Each version of the logo must be used as provided and must never be modified or altered in any way.
  • Whenever possible, the logo should appear in its full colour version.  Black and white alternatives are provided in the event colour is not possible.

ARI Circular Logo WebARI's Circular Logo                             

ARI horizontal logo - WebARI's horizontal logo






Print Quality

The following files are large print quality files that can be used in any size printed media, posters or documents.  Due to their size, they may take longer to download.

ARI Circular Logo - Colour (PNG, 1MB, 2000px x 2000px)
ARI Circular Logo - Black and white (PNG, 630KB, 2000px x 2000px)
ARI Horizontal Logo - Colour (PNG 500KB, 4750px × 900px)
ARI Horizontal Logo - Black and white (PNG 375KB, 4750px × 900px)
Please note: EPS logos files are available upon request.

Presentation Quality

The following files are smaller files that can be used in electronic presentation and documents.  These are not recommended for printing at high quality resolution.

ARI Circular Logo - Colour (PNG, 510KB, 1000px x 1000px)
ARI Circular Logo - Black and white (PNG, 250KB, 1000px x 1000px)
ARI Horizontal Logo - Colour (PNG, 250KB, 2900px × 550px)
ARI Horizontal Logo - Black and white (PNG, 200KB, 2900px × 550px)

Web Quality

These files are recommended for website and online purposes only.

ARI Circular Logo (GIF 30KB)
ARI Horizontal Logo (GIF 10KB)

Aurora College Logos

Information about Aurora College's logos may be found by contacting Office of Communications at Aurora College.