The 50th Anniversary of Research in Inuvik

Aurora Research Institute In 2014, we’re celebrating 50 years of research in Inuvik!

In 1964, Indian and Northern Affairs built and opened the Scientific Research Laboratory in Inuvik.  The research centre has been in operation ever since, although we’ve been known by several names over the years and even moved into a brand-new building in 2011.  You’ll see many of these milestones documented in the timeline of significant local research events at the bottom of this page.

In spite of the many changes along the way, the goals of the facility and its staff have remained the same since our doors first opened; to support research and discovery in the western Arctic, to help answer northern research questions, and to help communicate research results to northern residents.

We’re currently reaching out to community members, former staff, and researchers who’ve worked with us over the years.  We hope to gather your stories, photos, and memories of research in Inuvik to commemorate our first 50 years.  If you would like to share your memories of Inuvik-based research or the research centre, please submit them to  We would appreciate your input!

See below for a timeline of the history of research in Inuvik: