Lab Space and Equipment at WARC

The Western Arctic Research Centre has three separate lab spaces (Clean, Wet, and Dirty Labs) that can be rented by researchers. All labs are equipped with a fume hood, vacuum bench taps, and a laboratory-grade water source. All researchers also have access to fridge and freezer space for short-term storage of temperature-sensitive samples, as well as a lab support room where small, commonly used equipment, such as glassware, hot plates, and stirrers, can be found.

In June 2011, Aurora Research Institute was generously awarded a Turner Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer through the Turner Designs Donation Program. The fluorometer is currently housed in the clean lab at the Western Arctic Research Centre.

Clean Lab

The Clean Lab is designed for work such as contaminant, bacteria, and low-level nutrient sampling, as well as work involving radioisotopes. It contains the following equipment:

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Wet Lab

Western Arctic Research Centre wet laboratory WARC wet laboratory The Wet Lab is designed for work such as general water sampling, plankton sampling, and fish and animal dissections.  It contains the following equipment:

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Teaching Lab

Western Arctic Research Centre Teaching laboratory WARC Teaching laboratory The Teaching Lab is designed for work such as soil, permafrost, and vegetation sampling. It is also well suited for use as a staging area for field equipment such as data loggers and thermisters. Since the dirty lab is our largest lab, it can also be booked as a teaching lab for groups of up to 15 students. The Dirty Lab contains the following equipment:

Please request working and teaching lab space using the Logistical Support Request Form and contact the Manager, Western Arctic Research Centre for more information on lab space and equipment at (867) 777-3298 ext. 232.