Dr. Pertice Moffitt's research featured in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health

April, 26 2019

The 17th International Congress on Circumpolar Health (ICCH17) met in Copenhagen, Denmark in August 2018. The publication, Ingemann, C., Kvernmo, S., Møller, H., Moffitt, P. M., Tagalik, S., Kuhn, R. L., ... & Larsen, C. V. (2019). Symposium on “parental education” at the ICCH17. International Journal of Circumpolar Health78(1), 1604062 provides an overview of research programs presented and discussed at ICCH17 on parental education and maternal health services. Dr. Moffitt and her colleagues conducted a study on integrating traditional knowledge from mother and grandmothers on breastfeeding. 

Check out Dr. Moffitt's research in the link above or learn more about her research on her home page.